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Re: [IP] funnel cakes / Elephant Ears

>>>Some areas also call them Elephant Ears.>>>

> It is like a cake donut, except that the batter is drizzled into the hot
> by pouring it through a funnel. The result is a large "donut" tasting item
> with  a squiggly patterend shape that fills a dinner size paper plate. The
> entire cake has powdered sugar sprinkled all over it. Definitely a
> food.

Funnel Cakes are definitely NOT Elephant Ears. I've had both. E.E.s are a
dough stretched out (like pizza dough) and dropped in the hot fat. They get
puffy and are sometimes overflowing a 9" paper plate. They have cinnamon and
sugar sprinkled on them - OR cherry / apple filling. We saw one 4th of July
with crushed pecans on it.

My preference is for the E.Ears. The F.Cakes are crispier and thinner due to
the drizzling abilities of the batter.

At the country's 2nd largest county fair (Elkhart Co.) they have about 20 EE
booths. We went to a Kentucky State Fair once and they had one EE booth -
didn't even taste good. :(

Sorry, I do not have the carb count. >(^,,^)<  (I don't know how to make an

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