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[IP] confusing numbers!

here's a summary of my BS numbers this evening. any explanations would be 

5:30 (dinner)-- BS of 114. Ate 85 g. carb and bolused my normal ratio to 
cover a salad, 1/2 p.b. sandwich and bottle of gatorade.

7:10-- Felt low and tested at 46! Treated low with a juice box and 4 peanut 
butter crackers.

7:45-- BS of 65. Ate 1/2 a pb&j sandwich and 7 mini oreos. Bolused .7 to 
cover the extra carbs I technically didn't NEED with the cookies.

8:45-- BS of 66. Ate a handful of Skittles and 1/2 cup of juice.

10:00-- BS of 125 (FINALLY!)

11:30-- BS of 267. AHH!!!!!!

what might be going on here??!?!

~ molly, 22, dx. 1982, pumping 6 weeks

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