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Re: [IP] lost basal rates

  Your daughter keeps a log book? I'm impressed. Jenny is 13 and is less 
responsible about her diabetes now than when she was 10 and on MDI. I 
think she is burnt out. However, when she complains about me going on 
school trips etc. I remind her that she needs to show me that she can do 
it herself.

We catch up on the log book every 3-4 weeks. Thank goodness her meter 
has a big memory. I keep track of basals in the log book.

Just a thought: when Jenny goes to camp (diabetes or church) we lower 
her basals a lot. They are so physically active. So maybe the old basals 
are too high anyway.


Deborah wrote:

>Hi all,
>I haven't post in a long time, but here goes.
>My daughter Eve, who is 15, call from Girl Scout camp(3 hours way, near
>Iron River, WI.)earlier tonight that something happened to her pump(mm 508).
>The batteries went dead all of a sudden and she lost all her basal rates. We
>had packed 1 set of extra batteries and I saw no problem. Well.....she
>to know what her basal rate were. She said look in my last log book. I did
>and she hadn't listed any basal rates. NOW WHAT!!
>I did find some basal rates that she had when she was on the CGSM in May. I
>know that most of them had changed, the dr. had lowered them. But how much?
>I kinda backed figured and they may be a little lower then before. But she
>has basal rates now.
>I just don't know how to make her keep her log book up and in date. I have
>told/suggest that she needs to keep this up dated. Everytime she has changed
>basals I have wanted her to rec
>ord the basal rated but she won't do it. She
>says I can just look at the pump.
>Do other parents have this some problem with your teens?
>Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe
>Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
>Hope that the batteries last until Thursday night.
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