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[IP] RE: pain in my foot

You might ask your doctors to check you for gout, but it could still be 
neuropathy. It is worth the trouble to find out which one it is. 


>The strangest thing is going on with my foot.  It started the night 
beforelast.  After my shower my foot felt like it was in hot water.  At first 
it wasthe entire foot then just in my big toe, later in my little toe and 
then in myheel.  It lasted for a few hours.  When I got out of bed yesterday 
my littletoe hurt so bad.  Felt like someone lit a match in it.  That pain 
lasted for afew hours.  Again, last night the pain started again.  It moves 
around from mybig toe to the little toe to the heel, etc... all night I 
suffered with it.<
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