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[IPn] Diabetes 1-2-3 Expo -- Today through Sunday 7-21

For those of you planning to attend the Diabetes 1-2-3 Expo in 
Pasadena, you have a chance to try out a pump with saline if you 
bring a prescription from your doc.

Animas -- stop by the booth
Dana Diabecare - stop by the booth
Deltec -- no trials until FDA approval, but stop by and see the Cozmo
Disetronic -- stop by the booth and let the rep know you'd like to 
    try a pump for Thursday night.
Minimed -- by appointment from Wed 1-4, Thur 8-4 Paradigm and CGMS
    if you can please callJulie Sweidan at 818-576-4514 first.


email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org