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[IP] Yogurt

I have noticed that if I am eating yogurt (low fat or non fat - any flavor)
that I will run extremely low after eating it if I bolus for the full carb
amount as stated on the label of the container.  I do not know the reason
for it but this is what happens to me.  I would be interested in knowing if
any other Type 1's have the same experience.


> I have come across several interesting claims made by low carb diet
> enthusiasts that yogurt is actually lower in carbs than stated on its
> The authors of these articles claim that healthy bacteria eat up the
> (milk sugar) in yogurt and turn it into lactic acid. This lactic acid is
not a
> sugar, and is therefore not counted as part of the carbs in yogurt.  I
> seen claims that one cup of plain yogurt would really contain only 4 grams
> carbohydrates!
>I would like to know if any type ones out there have found this to be true.
> What have been your personal experiences with blood sugars after eating
> yogurt? Is it really so low in carbs?
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