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Re: [IP] BUN and Creatinine levels

>>>Finally, she told me that I need to send her my BUN and Creatinine
levels. I have absolutely no idea what these tests measure, if they are
necessary for my acceptance into the program, or if the screening nurse just
isn't very educated on the pump and its reliability.  <snip> Molly,


Congratulations on your successful acceptance into the Americorps program.
The BUN test is for Blood Urea Nitrogen and the Creatinine test are both for
a kidney function assessment. These are determined with a lab test. You
*may* be required to do a 24-hr. urine collection to do it in conjunction
with the blood draw. The screening nurse may not be educated on pumping,
however, this may a good opportunity for some *updating* for her benefit.
Many people think pumpers are really *bad* DMers, therefore, need this tool
for existence. She may learn from you that the pumps helps you stay in
good/better control since it *almost* mimics a natural pancreas (big wish!).
;)  (~_^)

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