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Subject: [IP] MRI and Pump

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] MRI and Pump

Hi, i am getting a MRI done of my shoulder/neck area on thursday. when i set
up the appt i told them i wear a pump. She asked if i could take it off, i
said yeh, without even qustioning it. Does anyone know will i have to take
pump off? Thanks Eileen
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Absolutely, The radio frequency field of the MRI will fry he electronics in
the pump and the magnet will pull it off you causing the MRI magnet to
quench. The magnet on a high quality mri scanner can lift a car off the
street. take any chains you have off since they will also burn you. Don't
bring any credit cards into the room or they will be erased. the only metal
that is safe in there is buried metal in you like a plate and screws or a
hip joint. If it is in you it is safe. Leave your necklaces and rings at
home, my wedding ring got uncomfortable after about an hour in the
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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