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[IP] IP Pain in the feet

....blah...blah removed for brevity's sake:
Tina writes in part:
Today, the pain is just under my big toe.  Every time I step on it I feel
"fire" in it.  I called my endo (who I just saw last Thursday) and am
for a call back.  Can anyone tell me what this might be?  I have heard a lot
about neuropathy and pray that's not the cause.  I take good care of myself
(for the most part).  My blood sugars have been good (for me).  My latest
was 8.1 which isn't real good but considering a year ago it was 13 I'm happy
with it and so is my endo.  Any insight anyone might have would be greatly
appreciated.  Regards, Tina
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The burning pain suggests that it s neuropathic pain. Did you injure your
foot prior to all this? You also described a feeling as if your feet were in
hot water. You might be helped by small doses of elavil or regular doses of
Effexor. your doc might want you to undergo an expensive neurological
battery of tests. the end result will be that the tests only suggest things,
they do not make an iron clad diagnosis. You mightn benefit from a visit to
an orthopaedic surgeon. , spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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