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[IP] BUN and Creatinine levels

Hello. I'm moving to Charleston, SC in a month and a half to join an 
Americorps program there. When I initially applied for the program, I was 
still on MDI, and I included a detailed medical information sheet about my 
diabetes with my application. The medical screening nurse cleared me to join 
and commented that I seemed to be taking "very good care of myself"-- which 
i, for the most part, do. After my acceptance, however, I began using the 
pump (Mini-Med Paradigm), and the screening nurse suddenly seems skeptical 
of me being able to take care of myself and join the program. In a recent 
e-mail, the nurse told me that I need a detailed note from my doctor giving 
me permission to participate in the program (which makes sense and my doc is 
completely willing to do) and she said that she needs to see my most recent 
A1c results. Finally, she told me that I need to send her my BUN and 
Creatinine levels. I have absolutely no idea what these tests measure, if 
they are necessary for my acceptance into the program, or if the screening 
nurse just isn't very educated on the pump and its reliability. I would 
appreciate any advice over how to handle this situation, and if someone 
could please explain what BUN and Creatinine levels are that would be 
wonderful-- my endo has never mentioned them to me! Thank you :)

Molly, 22 (dx. 1982, pumping appx. 6 weeks)

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