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[IP] Re:Hypo last night..

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
Who wants to feel like a competent, smart adult who doesn't need a sitter
can take care of herself and her son

Regarding your feelings that you have about lack of independency.
Just try to remember that you should be thankful that you have somebody who
loves you as much as your husband does. He recognized the fact that you
were not feeling well and quite possibly in need of assistance. I
understand your frustrations of him not telling you that he called your
mother in law but I would love to have someone close by that could help if
needed, (even if it was my mother in law). I can't believe I just said
I had a similar incident while I was home alone with my three boys,
fortunately my nine year old sat me down and gave me some orange juice. He
did it so slick I didn't even realize he was treating me for my low. He
asked if he could get a cup of juice for he and his two brothers and poured
me the first glass. We all sat around the kitchen table with he at my right
and enjoyed some juice together. After coming out of my low, he asked if I
was feeling OK and I said yes much better. Gave him a hug, thanked him for
being there and told him I would try not to let that happen again.
Think of how that made me feel, on the one hand thankful he was there, on
the other a huge feeling of irresponsibility on my part for not catching
it. After a day or so of thinking about it, I said to myself "it's not your
fault, it part of this disease and it may not be the last time this
happens." I should be thankful he was there and I hope he is there the next
time this happens. The bottom line is these types of things are part of
this disease. The pump has helped control them better than they have ever
been before but we all realize that these incidents may pop there head up
occasionally and surprise us. Keep your chin up and be thankful that you to
have a family that loves you enough to help out even when you may think you
don't need there help. :-)

Mike Chambers
Lebanon  ME
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