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[IP] RE: Dropping blood sugar

Jim said:
> .  Next time 
> listen to him because his body is telling him to get something to stop the 
> plumeting BG.

OK,  OK -- got it --- listen to the person who KNOWS how they feel.  I do 
listen Jim.  I ALWAYS allowe him to test, but it just seemed impossible that 
he would need to.  He is also allowed to treat first and then test if he 
feels that is necessary. When he was on MDI the sudden drops often happened 
because the long acting was kicking in. But it is not typical of him to have 
this type of drop since pumping UNLESS he has been on his trampoline.  He had 
been swimming several hours prior to this low but it really did catch me off 
guard.  I am thankful that Cory almost always feels his lows.  I can't 
imagine how you could avoid seizures, etc.if you were hypoglycemia unaware or 
for the very young children.  
For all the rest of you who shared your comments on this subject, I am very 
grateful to you also.  It really helps to get suggestions, ideas and comments 
from those who know what they are talking about.  To live this disease is to 
learn a lot and at times I think you have more info than many of the doctors 
do.  Doctors have great medical knowledge but they haven't "lived" the 
disease.  We need their expert medical advise and I am in no way putting them 
down.  I'm just saying that unless they have diabetes or have lived with 
someone who has it, I don't think they really understand the "feelings" of 
the disease. 
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