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[IP] Re: Low Blood Sugars Thread

At 07:15 AM 7/13/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>I, on the other hand, find this information very informative to see the
>different variances in bodies.  The lowest I have ever been is 45 and I
>thought I was on the edge of passing out, but to see others who go into the
>20's and still be conscience, is a more comforting thought for me. This is
>the kind of statistical data we need.

My experience is that LBS, my perception of them, and their appearance in 
finger prick tests, can be quite fickle.

I've felt like I was going to pass out, tested, and measured 50 mg/dl.

I've also felt pretty good, just mildly shaky, tested, and measured below 
30 mg/dl.

Usually, though, seeing the meter reading removes any uncertainty about the 
way I feel.


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