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Re: [IP] Travel Meltdown

> Being 39 and diabetic since 1976, I have traveled a lot, but not with
> the pump.  The experience was horrible but I survived.  I left for four
> days to Oklahoma City driving for hours a day and flying here and
> there-So here is what I learned to put in MY book:

> 3. Be prepared to double your basal rates and then some
> 7.  Don't eat fat, period, none, nada- stay on the narrow path-
> 9.  Yes Virginia, you really can double your dialy insulin requirements
> and still average 50 ponts higher than normal-
> 10. Realize you will be home again and all the bad men will be gone-

Oh man, this really is a good example of YMMV. When *I* go on vacation, I
usually go the other route. My BS's are almost always LOWER than they
usually are, and no matter how I try, my BS stays low.


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