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[IP] dropping blood sugars

When you discussed your daughter's blood sugar dropping. I always check my BG
when I hop in the car because that seems to happen to me a lot. See, I work
out in the field doing home visits and I am definitely more active. I have
learned to let the slightly BG's slide (180-200) because by the end of the
hour, I will be down by half. If I anticipate a much more active moment, I do
a temporary basal rate dropping .1 and have done just fine too.

Insulin seems to peak a certain times of the day for me causing me to feel low
and it is Ok according to the reading. Then I just don't feel right and
re-check a while later and it is really low. I am on humalog-doing about 60%
better judging or preventing lows. When I was on regular insulin, I had many
problems with the insulin peaking. Of course everyone is different -that's
what happens to me. Sharon B
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