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[IP] Travel Meltdown

Being 39 and diabetic since 1976, I have traveled a lot, but not with the pump.  The experience was horrible but I survived.  I left for four days to Oklahoma City driving for hours a day and flying here and there-So here is what I learned to put in MY book:

1. Take 2x3 of the supplies you'll think you'll need
2. Take 1/2 CC and 1 CC syringes and expect to use them with a good ol'e fashion bottle of Humalin Regular
3. Be prepared to double your basal rates and then some
4. You can bolus all you want to bring down high BSg's but does the phrase "ineffective insulin pool waiting to go off" sound like a good idea? (ie: refer to point #2 above)
5. Don't let your insulin get Xrayed at the airport- It may or may not hurt it but it will throw you in a panic when you see your BSg's rising
6.  Pack the Lantus- Your BSg's will still be high but you'll have a back up plan that might actually might work-
7.  Don't eat fat, period, none, nada- stay on the narrow path-
8. Don't chart your BS'gs without aspirin-
9.  Yes Virginia, you really can double your dialy insulin requirements and still average 50 ponts higher than normal-
10. Realize you will be home again and all the bad men will be gone-  

 I am back to normal after just a day- I was glad all my perscriptions are at Walgreens so it made getting replacement perscriptions easy being out of state-  But it was not the insulin- Nothing I did made a significant difference in gaining back control except for coming home- I was dissapointed that the fact I used a pump made no difference in my problems.  I found injections were more effective under stress vs the pump- Mostly due to the huge amounts of insulin needed to combat my travel stress making my pump sites very sore and ineffective-    

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