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RE: [IP] Hypo last night..

Hi Sherry -
Read your e-mail.  I would try to not get out of joint whether your
husband called his mother or not...you got help and I'm sure it's just
his concern.  Remember, males like to feel like they're doing something
to help...it's hard for them to see a problem and do nothing.  It
doesn't make you any less of a person for needing help.  And look at the
benefit to your son.
PS  I have a Sean too...only he's 17 years old!  It goes fast.  I
certainly understand the frustration of trying to control the
numbers...I thought my latest a1c would come back at 7.2 for me [which
would be good].  It didn't...it was 9.2.  I wanted to cry because I have
been sooo deligent about everything...eating right, exercising, taking
bs numbers, etc.  I understand the frustration.

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Subject: [IP] Hypo last night..

I had a hypo last night when my husband was out working. I was home
alone with my wild fourteen-month-old Sean. I remember feeling very
sleepy around 8:00 and laying my head down on the couch with the baby in
my lap. Then I remember thinking, "Maybe I should test..." and I was 41.
Usually at that number I can function pretty well, but every low is
different I guess. My husband called to check on me and could tell I was
low so told me to eat something. I was in the kitchen getting some
icecream to share with the baby when someone knocked at the door. It was
my mother-in-law who lives a block away. She ended up sitting with the
baby while I ate the icecream. My husband says he didn't call her and
she never did say why she had stopped by right then. It's not that I
mind him being worried about me, especially with the baby there, but I
just wish he would tell me if he DID tell her to come check on me. I
don't really like the idea that I need a babysitter, but I hate the
conspiracy idea even worse. "Shhh... don't tell Sherry that we all have
to call or stop by to check on her..." Anyway, I do feel that I would
have been fine. I was in the kitchen getting the icecream scooped when
my mother-in-law knocked. And I was still containing a wild-walking baby
and an energetic puppy too! I know I need to do something though. I
hadn't had dinner that day, and that could be what caused the low. But I
thought I didn't have to eat on a schedule anymore!  I thought my spiffy
pump was about freedom as well as control! But I guess basals are never
perfect with stress and hormones and stuff... But I resent that I am
going to have to move back to scheduled eating so that I don't have to
worry about being able to take care of my son. I have a nightmare image
of me being in a stupor while he's happily trying to climb the furniture
or eat coins he's found under the couch. Sometimes I just want to yell
"It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair!!!!" When I was running
high all the time before trying to get myself under better control on
MDI, I didn't have these problems. I know I was potentially doing myself
harm in the long term, but it's not comforting to think of the long term
when you don't feel in control NOW.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
Who wants to feel like a competant, smart adult who doesn't need a
sitter and can take care of herself and her son
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