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Re: [IP] What quantity/frequency does your insurance allow?

With my current insurance, I can order as much as I want whenever I want... I 
have to meet a deductible, then they pay $80 after that.  It's not a copay 
situation.  Last insurance company- the better one in most ways- was very 
strict about 3 months and only 3 months and they counted it down to the day.  I 
paid nothing for pump supplies, and a copay for other prescriptions.  Maybe 
this is why?  If I had a problem and had to pull a couple sites out, or was 
going out of town and wouldn't be back before running out, I was screwed.  So I 
asked the doc to write a larger amount for monthly usage.  I really got 4 
months of supplies and always had a few extra if I needed it.

>Anyways, I was wondering, 
> was this six month supply order a fluke, or do other folks get to do this 
> too???
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