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Re: [IP] The Pill & Pumping

Being on the first pill I tried didn't change my sugars at all, it just made my 
cycle more regular and less intense (less flow, less cramping, less pms 
symptoms...).  The second pill I tried, because I get bad monthly acne and this 
one is supposed to get rid of that, sent me on a bg roller coaster.  I think 
you just have to try different pills.  With me, I can tell when my body thinks 
it is time to ovulate because for a week I have a ton of lows.  The week prior 
to my period, when I get all the other pms symptoms, I am high.  It's different 
for everyone, and each individual is going to react to the pill in a different 
way.  There are so many pills out there, and each is a different dose, or 
combination, of hormones... you just have to test them until you find the right 
one.  And when you think you have the right one and get used to it, they will 
come out with a new one that seems better and you'll want to try that.  ;)  
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