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[IP] Abstract on Basal Requirements for Kids on Pumps - matched my so n perfectly!!

Hi folks, I've been a little remiss on reading lately  - please excuse me if
this abstract has already been posted. 

My son just had an endo appt Monday (his A1c was 7.1 - wohooo!  I'll update
his values on the IP website). His endo gave me a copy of an abstract he
heard at the 62nd ADA Scientific Sessions. I've copied it from the ADA
website and posted it below. I was thrilled to see a study basals for
younger kids on the pump, and even more thrilled that it matched my
obervations with my son - complete with the "anti-dawn phenomena" he goes
through. As ususal, YMMV - enjoy.
Mom to Ryan (5 and pumping since 8/17/00) and Celia (8 and non-diabetic)

This abstract can be found on-line at
and is by Boland, Ahern, Ahern, and Vincent.

Pumps and Kids: Basal Requirements for Excellent Metabolic Control:
"Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the use of CSII in
children with T1DM. Our previous work suggests that this therapy is both
safe and effective in children of all ages. However, little is known about
appropriate CSII basal doses for children, as most available guidelines are
for adults. The purpose of this study is to describe the basal requirements
of a large number of children successfully using CSII. There are 220
children (49% male, with T1DM duration 5.8 [plusminus]3.5 yrs) included in
this analysis. Fifty children started CSII as preschoolers ([lte]6 yrs), 80
as schoolagers (7-11 yrs) and 90 were adolescents (12-18 yrs), and have been
using CSII for 1.9 [plusminus]1.1 years. All groups have maintained
excellent diabetes control while using CSII. The most recent mean HbA1c in
those who are still pre-schoolers (n= 28) is 6.9 [plusminus]1.1%,
schoolagers (n = 68) 7.2 [plusminus]1, and adolescents (n = 124) 7.6
[plusminus]1. The TDD that is required by adolescents = .9 [plusminus].4
u/kg, schoolagers = .8 [plusminus].2 u/kg, and preschool .6 [plusminus].2
u/kg. Interestingly, preschoolers and schoolagers lowest night time basal
requirements were between 3-6a, and all patients highest night basal
requirements were between 9p-12a.[table1] Mean day basal rates are indicated
in table 2. All children had a mildly increased basal requirement in the
afternoon.[table2]Conclusions: In well controlled children using CSII, basal
rate patterns are not comparable to those in adults. For example, children
[lt]12 do not appear to have a dawn phenomena - in fact their lowest insulin
requirements are in the early morning hours. Frequent SBGM is necessary when
starting CSII in children, as available published guidelines are not
appropriate for pediatrics."
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