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[IP] dropping blood sugar

I've often wondered if a dropping blood sugar could be low before it will 
show up in a blood test - one done from  the finger.
Many times Cory has complained of low symptoms but according to the meter he 
is just fine.  Then 10 - 30 minutes later he can be dangerously low.  The 
other night he was 226 and took a correction that should have taken him to 
140.  He started complaining that he felt like he was going to vomit and he 
did gag.  A quick blood check read 180.  We began to think that perhaps he 
was getting a virus or something.  He continued to complain of not feeling 
well.  About 30 minutes later, he started shaking which is usually his first 
low symptom.  Once again he insisted on a glucose check, even though I felt 
it was totally unnecssary.  He was 41!  It took 40 carbs to get him back up 
to 70 and then he took 20 more just to make sure he wouldn't drop again.  He 
never went above 80 all night.  From 226 to 180 was not such a terribly big 
drop and was not so high that he should have felt the way he did.  I just 
wonder if his blood sugar was actually lower than that but the meter wasn't 
picking it up yet.  Is this possible?  Does it take awhile for the "low" to 
reach the finger tips?  I know that sounds crazy but sometimes that's the way 
it appears. 
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