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[IP] so sensitive to the highs-- please help!

in five days, i'll have been pumping for exactly eight months and i am loving it, the A1C has gone from 11.3 to 7.3. before i started pumping, i couldn't get my sugars under control even on 4-5 shots a day. thing is, since i began pumping i have noticed that i am much more sensitive (likely to feel sick) to the high blood sugars than i used to be. this has come on rather gradually, used to be that it took till about 400 to feel bad, then 300's, and today i tested at 240 and felt like i used to at 500+. 240 used to be nothing! and i was shaky, thirsty, weak and nauseated like i was getting ready to DKA. the really high highs are rare, thankfully, but i was about ready to go to the ER, i felt so bad. it turned out to have been a dislodged infusion set, which i quickly replaced, and then i bolused with humalog and drank some water and recovered in a couple of hours. but this all happened within the space of an hour and a half, going from 130 to 240 and feeling awful. 

this happens whenever i get over 200 now, i think it is great that my normal "healthy" range is lower but how can i keep from feeling sick if it does go high? i have an appt with the endocrinologist in a couple of weeks but wanted to ask here, how do you deal with feeling sicker at lower high numbers than you used to? is it possible to be in DKA at 200? the way DKA works for me, once i start throwing up all bets are off and i have to get IV fluids in the ER to bring it down, so i want to avoid feeling sick like that whenever possible. and it is irritating to have such a small margin of error before things start to get serious; before i started pumping, a high blood sugar was (while not an ok thing) no big deal, but if i have to miss class like i did today over a BG of 240, it is not going to make for a happy school year. please help!

becky (dx'd T1 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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