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Re: [IP] PDAs and EZ Mang.

Handspring Visor is very Mac compatible, and others probably are also. I 
love my Handspring. I can plug the cradle into my imac and transfer data 
back and forth with ease. So far I have not used it to keep track of our 
daughter's glucose levels, but will soon. I wish the EZmanager had cross 
platform software that would work on Macs too.

There is a new Therasense Freestyle glucometer that is a  plug-in 
module  for the Handspring. I just read about it on an email from 
Handspring. The link for more info is on the Therasense site. It looks 



email @ redacted wrote:

>I'm curious about the thread on PDA's. I have always had horrible time 
>keeping records of my blood sugars, insulin doses, and so forth. 
>Maybe a PDA would help change that. However, I really don't have a lot of 
>money to spend. Are there any PDA's that are reasonably priced, and has the 
>programs where we can use to track such things as blood sugars (Diabetes 
>stuff in general). I also use a Macintosh, so are there any that are 
>compitable ? 
>Lyra and Faith
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