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[IP] Jello - Sugar Free?

I recently finally found the cause of some highs that I've been seeing - 
Sugar Free Jello. I love the little jello cups because they have 0 carbs and 
0 fat. I have discovered that 2-3 hours after eating three of them - 3 1/4 
oz each cup, my blood sugar spikes to the upper 200's or lower 300's. I was 
shocked to finally come to this conclusion, but every time I eat sugar free 
Jello cups, no matter what the other circumstances are (time of day, eating 
it with other things, activity level, stress) it happens. Does anyone else 
see this effect? Does anyone know what causes it? The label says 0 grams of 
carb and not even any sugar alcohols. I will miss my "free food" - SF jello. 

Ember Crooks
Type 1 7 years, pumping with Buzz the paradigm for two months.

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