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Re: [IP] Constant High BG after Exercise

The next time you experience a low in the middle of the night like this,
prove your own point by only eating like 30 carbs.  For me, this would bring
my BG up to 121.  If you go over 200 then you are rebounding and not just
overeating like you think you are.  You need to control yourself.  I know
how hard it is, but when you eat to bring yourself back up and your body
does the same, it's hard to come back down again.

> My endo keeps bringing this up too. It definitely does
> not happen to me often, if ever. I've woken up with a
> BG of 21 and not even felt it. I go low and I stay
> low. If anything, I overtreat the low as a result of
> panicking and go through the roof later. But I don't
> relate to the folks who wait for the lows to correct
> themselves.
> Catherine
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