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[IP] Pump + Water Park success

A few weeks ago I posted a note about a (minor) problem I had with my
new Animas.  I think I ought to give equal time to a success story about
it.  I took my family to a water park (Lagoon near Salt Lake City) and
kept the pump in the pocket of my swimsuit.  I spent seven hours
slamming my body down (and up and around) water slides, ending up
plowing into still water at high speed.  I did one that ended in a 30
foot sheer plunge at about 30 MPH -- it split my suit up the side on
impact, tossing the pump out into the water help by the tubing.  It was
really fun, and I had absolutely no problems with the pump or BG.

Before dinner, I had a BG of about 100.  Two hours later, it was at
about 550!  Eventually, I guess the site had worked loose.  Moral:  use
lots of tape!

- Pete Tinker
  HRL Labs

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