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[IP] Bent Cannulas

Hi everyone,
This summer we have encountered a new problem and have not found an solution
through other avenues.
Sara has used the Disetronic Tenders the past four years with no problems.
This summer she suddenly has had more bent cannulas than straight.
The bend is usually near the end and never past the halfway point. It happens
anywhere from immediately after insertion or three days later.
We have changed sites from her stomach to hips back to stomach and the results
are the same. Cannulas bending.
We have changed the insertion angle from 45 degrees to 30 degrees. I have her
repeated assurance that she is going in at a very shallow angle, but after
four years of using the same sets successfully I think she knows the
Disetronic sent us some ultra flex but Sara could not even figure out how to
use them and we received no instructions.
They did have the name of an RN they hired in Cleveland (we live in Akron but
hey, it is all in Ohio) but the person could not find her phone number that
I forced them to send us new sets as this problem began after the receipt of
our last shipment. The sets that were bending all had the same lot # and I
thought that we may have a bad batch. The third one in the new box bent
So any suggestions. At this point MDI would be a more reliable insulin source
than pumping.
Pam, mom to Sara, 16
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