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[IP] I can't wait until Thursday!!

I can't wait until Thursday afternoon at 1:00; that is when I go for my 
official pump training.  My story is kinda the opposite of what I have heard 
from many people.  I went to my doctor appointment on June 28 and he agreed 
that I was a great candidate for the pump and told me to go ahead with 
sending in the needed paperwork to Minimed.  The following Tuesday, July 2 I 
faxed the insurance form to Minimed.  Then, last Wednesday, July 10, a 
Minimed rep called to tell me that my insurance approved the pump no 
questions asked (probably because in the almost 9 years since I was diagnosed 
I have been in the hospital 3 times for DKA and taken ambulance rides to the 
hospital twice for low blood sugars), and then last Friday, July 12 I had my 
blue Paradigm in my hands.  I played with it all weekend, and I know how to 
do everything, I even inserted an infusion set (Quickset) just to see how it 
felt.  So now I am anxiously counting down the hours until I get to go for my 
official training (44 hours and 45 min.)!  This list has been so helpful in 
preparing me for what to expect and how to handle many problems, and I feel 
quite confident in my pumping knowledge.
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