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[IP] mammogram and pump

Jenny said:
I have to go in next week for a mammogram and 
ultrasound. I was wondering if 
the mammogram is harmful to the pump and whether I 
should disconnect. Does 
anyone know about this?

Take it off for the mammogram - it's an x-ray and can 
zap your pump.  The procedure doesn't take too long; 
if necessary, give yourself a bolus when the procedure 
is over.  Don't know how it is where you're having the 
process done, but I just tucked my pump underneath my 
shirt and left it on the chair in the room; it was far 
enough away from the mammography unit (about 10 feet) 
that there was no danger of it getting zapped, and it 
was easy enough to reconnect when I was done.

I wouldn't think an ultrasound would cause problems 
(had ultrasound as part of my physical therapy on my 
neck), but you might call your pump manufacturer to be 
sure.  Good luck!

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/17/82
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