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Re: [IP] funnel cake carbs??

At 07:57 AM 7/16/02, you wrote:
>Here is the recipe... I don't know how many it makes, but I would assume 
>6.  Thanks!  I will make it this weekend and let you all know how it goes- if
>it tastes good, and if it wreaks havoc on my bgs or not ;)
>1 egg
>1 1/3 c. flour
>1 tsp. baking powder
>1 1/2 c. milk
>1/4 tsp. salt
>3 Tbsp. sugar
>few drops almond, orange, lemon, or vanilla flavoring
>Beat together egg and milk; add flour, salt, baking
>powder and sugar. Mix well. Add flavoring (choice). Heat cooking oil in 
>or stainless skillet, 1 inch deep. Oil should be in a shallow vessel. Heat
>until a corner of bread will brown as soon as dropped in oil. Put some batter
>into funnel with a cup, holding your finger on the bottom. Place over hot oil
>and swirl in a circle, leaving batter out of funnel. Brown on one side, then
>flip with slotted spatula and brown on other side. Remove onto brown paper to
>drain. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve hot. Submitted by Arisae Hanover

I'll get this in this afternoon, and have an answer for you later today.

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