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Re: [IP] Low Carbs - Oh yeah, more ?????

In a message dated 7/16/02 10:39:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Would you low-carbers out there give me some idea of 
> your carb intake per day, age and weight would be helpful too.  

    Melissa would kill me if I posted her weight on line- LOL....BUT I can 
tell you that since she's cut way back on her carbs, not only has she lost 
some weight but her bgs have been unbelievably great...Either at age 19, the 
adolescent hormones are less volatile, or the Novolog really is that much 
better than Humalog for her, OR (my guess) the fewer carbs she ingests, the 
easier it is for the insulin to be effective....I've been packing her lunch 
(good old Mom) for work & she's been having 1 cup of cottage cheese with one 
cup of strawberries & a small organic Granola Bar (total carbs= 24 as opposed 
to a sandwich which was 44 just for the bread)....For breakfast, she's eating 
the same boring thing I do daily: 2 all-bran apple cinnamon muffins made from 
a mix...8 gms of fiber & about 52 gms of carbs BUT thanks to the fiber, it 
"holds" her (and me) until lunch so she's not nibbling the little campers 
snacks!! Dinner's too variable to quantify.
   Hope that helps....
Renee (pump mom to Melissa)
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