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RE: [IP] Difference between 507C and 508

"Anyone have any data on their expected life span?"

No data but from my experience:
I have know people to be in their MiniMed pumps for years after their
warranty expired. In fact I know of one guy who was still using a 506 when
he upgraded to a 508 and the only reason he upgrade was because he had worn
out the touch pads. I have never heard of pumps just dying after the
warranty runs out. I have heard that one model of the Disetronic actually
has an internal battery that dies in about 2 years time and that is why they
give you two pumps vs. one.
Insulin pumps should last a long time, I don't believe they are designed to
be a disposable product, especially for as much as one spends on them they
should last quite awhile.

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