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[IP] Constant High BG after Exercise

If you are having the Highs after cross-training/weight lifting, etc.  you
really don't know which activity is messing you up the most.  I would suggest
a few days of just the cross-training with a lot of checking readings and then
a few days of just the weight lifting with a lot of checking.  I usually do an
hour on the treadmill each day and then every other day add 45 minutes free
weights.  My BS will stay even for about 35 minutes on the treadmill whether
walking or running and then will start dropping at a pretty good pace.  My BS
will increase anywhere from 50 to 100 points while lifting the free weights
whether I start with a reading of 80 or a reading of 150 (however the higher
my reading is when I start lifting the faster it shoots up).  I have figured
these things out by testing approx. every 10 minutes while exercising for a
period of a couple weeks straight.   Yes, I did go through a ton of strips and
I did get a few strange looks in the weight room, etc. but that's life.  Each
activity seems to affect BS differently and each time you start something new
for the first few times just try to take the time to test a lot.  Testing
every 10 minutes does seem like a lot, but if you are doing very strenuous
exercise I find you need to test this often so that you are able to find the
"point" for your body that you really start to drop or increase.  If you only
test every 30 minutes you might be missing the "low" before the "rebound",
etc.   I came upon doing this when my daughter used me as her guenia (sp) pig
for her science project and we did all sorts of strenuous activies while
checking my BS AND her BS every 10 minutes.  I figured if she could withstand
all the pokes I could to!
Believe me, once you figure it out you will be SO GLAD you took all the extra
time and extra strips to figure it out.  Then you can get back to exercising
USUALLY knowing what results you will get at the end of your workout.   (Of
course there is always that unknown that still jumps out different days and
affects all of us - but that's life)
Good luck!
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