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Re: [IP] Surgery Wednesday....HELP!!!

Hi Cheri,

I saw your post on IP.  Am scheduling some surgery myself (cataract).  I had 
the other one done 3 years ago when I was still pretty new to pumping, and 
here's what I learned:
1)  make sure everyone knows you have the pump, & intend to keep it on & 
monitor your own BG.  Your plan for Dad to do that is great.  I relied on my 
husband likewise.  
2)  Get "orders" for staying on pump in writing from your endo (at this 
point, have him/her do a fax).  Keep a copy with you in the gurney if 
3)  Call the anesthesia person in advance.  Tell him/her about the pump, have 
the endo's order faxed to him/her
4) be aware that often the IV anesthesia is laced with dextrose.  make clear 
you don't want dextrose in your IV.
5)  be politely firm about all matters pertaining to pump, BG, 'betes.  

I had a not-great experience the first surgery as far as the pump went.  It 
seemed to throw everyone into a tizzy, but I stuck to my guns & kept it on.  
If I'd followed the "standard procedure" (take off pump, no morning insulin, 
IV with dextrose), I'd have been in acidosis.  I think they were just 
concerned I'd have a hypo on the table so they overcompensated.  This time 
I'm going in prepared, and with written orders from my endo.  You heal 
better, faster, w/.less chance of infection if your BG is in control.  WE all 
know that.
(And I do wonder--in my case--surely I'm not the only person w/diabetes to 
have cataract surgery--and not the only pumper--so why the tizzy?  but never 
mind.  I can't change the world, but I can keep my pump on.)

Best of luck to you--hang in there, & I hope all goes well,
Type I for 31 years, pumping 3+

>Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 15:48:51 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Surgery Wednesday....HELP!!!
>I just found out this morning that I will be having surgery on my right
>Wednesday.  My endo is out of town so I can't get any advice from him on
>to do.  I got into it with the nurse at the docs office b/c I asked if
>would call my doc about diabetes stuff or if I was responsible for getting
>that information.  She ,kinda rudely, informed me that the anesta. doc
>take care of all of my diabetes and blood sugars, no need to call me endo!!!!
> I TOLD her I would be calling my endo and I or my dad would be taking
>of my blood sugars and insulin unless we hear from the endo.  I am scared
>death of surgery in general but with the diabetes I am even worse.  Can
>of you that have been there done that give me any advice.
>Thanks in Advance
>  Cheri:)
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