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[IP] (Blaming) Low Blood Glucose Thread

I've been following this thread for a few days now.  My response to a teenage
daughter (husband, son etc)blaming low BGs on strange behaviour is just to
"roll my eyes" and forget it.  It happens (and will happen again no doubt).

But I HAVE denied being Hypo on occasion.  My husband says my pupil's dilate,
I go pale etc etc.  My feet /toes often twitch when my glucose is low ... and
yet I KNOW I've denied this and tried to stop my toes from twitching !!!

On occasion my husband has rescued me standing with the fridge door open, but
"too far gone" to get the  sweets / softdrink etc.

My daughter is 14 and has on occasion asked if I'm Hypo when I'm not.  But she
has also told a friend's parent I was Diabetic and needed sugar, when I had an
episode at their house.  (She was about 10 years old).

When I was pregnant with her younger brother, I had many severe Hypos.  Skye
was 4 years old and couldn't get me to talk to her or eat sweets.  She called
the Emergency Service (in Australia this is 000), told the operator I was a
Diabetic, needed sugar and couldn't wake up.  She provided our address to the
operator; then rang our neighbour and her grandmother (numbers were programed
into the phone).  She still complains on occasion, that these days children
get Bravery Awards for this kind of action.

So when they ask "are you having a hypo ?", I'll just put up with it.

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