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Re: [IP] Re: basal rates and carb/insulin ratio

On 7/15/02 2:35 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I've been on a MM 508 for almost 3 yrs and am now working with a MM nurse
> educator to fine tune. She is having a problem with my being on about 10
> different basal rates ( I seem to need 1/2 unit increments - 4.5 etc, not 4 or
> 5). She also has a problem with my needing different ratio of insulin to carbs
> at 3 meals - I need less with breakfast, which is more complex carbs, more at
> lunch which is a lot of fruit and more traditional 1:15 with dinner. I know I
> need to be flexible to work with her to try to avoid many of the lows I am
> experiencing, but I also need to feel that individual needs may not be that
> crazy. Any one else have similar ratios or multiple basals? Brynn
> ----------------------------------------------------------

Are you working "with", or are you working "for" them?   Sorry, it's is just
that I believe that the patient usually knows themselves best and I refuse
to work "for" someone who will not accept my needs and feels that I am "a
problem".  I really don't think YOU need to be flexible.

Do you own a PDA?   Look into the EzManager from Animas.  It allows you to
set a separate ratio with each meal.  And with all it's other features, you
might find it useful for working out those basals.

I use 9 different basal rates and a different ratio at each meal.  My lows
have reduced in number and severity and my latest A1c was 5.9   Don't ever
follow someone else's system to be less of a problem, make your own system
to eliminate your problems.     :>)

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