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Re: [IP] Good low BG aid

At 08:58 PM 7/15/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>When I was at Costco recently, a clerk was pushing Extreme Air Heads 
>candy.  My wife tried it and said it might be good for insulin reactions 
>for me.  Well, let me tell you, it is terrific.  They are all carbs and a 
>very little sodium.  One strip looks like a large stick of gum and comes 
>in several colors and flavors.  Each strip is 15 grams of CHO or 60 
>calories.  Last night, my BG slipped to 50.  I took one strip of Extreme 
>Air Heads, and about 10 minutes later my BG was 100.  The nice thing is 
>they're a lot tastier than glucose tablets and heckuva lot cheaper.  Any 

Yes. ... Oh you want me to say something.  :-)  I am going to check it 
out.  Sounds like a good thing.  I am amazed that 15 grams brought you up 
from a 50.  Is it gum or something you swallow?  I could do without the 
name, I already get that enough being blonde and all.

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