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Re: [IP] Surgery Wednesday....HELP!!!

At 03:48 PM 7/15/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I just found out this morning that I will be having surgery on my right foot
>Wednesday.  My endo is out of town so I can't get any advice from him on what
>to do.  I got into it with the nurse at the docs office b/c I asked if they
>would call my doc about diabetes stuff or if I was responsible for getting
>that information.  She ,kinda rudely, informed me that the anesta. doc would
>take care of all of my diabetes and blood sugars, no need to call me endo!!!!
>  I TOLD her I would be calling my endo and I or my dad would be taking care
>of my blood sugars and insulin unless we hear from the endo.  I am scared to
>death of surgery in general but with the diabetes I am even worse.  Can those
>of you that have been there done that give me any advice.

I have had 10 surgeries just this year so far and I have had zero 
problems.  The very first surgery done last year I told the 
anesthesiologist who I did meet the day before surgery since I was already 
in the hospital that there were two things that needed to happen in order 
for me to go into the OR.  One my pump stays on and I control it, two no 
D5W.  He said no problem and wanted me to show him how to use the pump 
because he was concerned that my site may come out do to all the flipping 
and flopping they were going to have to do.  Don't ask.  :-)  For all of my 
surgeries to follow when I was in pre-op they would ask about the pump and 
I would tell them it stays on or I don't go in.  Every single time in 
recovery I asked my nurse to help me test my blood.  If I needed to correct 
for a high I would give her the numbers to plug into the calculator and 
then she would help me bolus for that high.  That only happened a couple of 
times.  Typically I went into surgery with a temp decrease of 30%.  This 
varied depending on how my BS's had been prior to the surgery.  I know they 
tested me a few times when in surgery just for their comfort level which is 
fine.  I truly believe if you just nicely stand your ground that they will 
honor and respect you greatly.  It is your right and don't let them tell 
you differently.  And NO the "informed me that the anesta. doc would
take care of all of my diabetes and blood sugars, no need to call me 
endo!!!! "  doesn't know everything and probably very little about diabetes 
and pumps.  Remember it is your right so use it.

Good Luck,
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