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Re: [IP] Constant High BG after Exercise

> I do lift weights for about 20 minutes of my 1 hour morning workout.
> I do about 30 minutes on a cross training machine, which is pretty
> intense. I spoke with my endo on Friday, and they seem to think that
> I'm going low while working out and blood sugar is skyrocketing
> because of it. I think it makes sense. Every time I workout I hit a
> point were the sweat just suddenly pours, and I'm sure I burn a ton
> energy because I'm 6' 6" and about 270 lbs. I have dropped my basal
> rates hoping to avoid some of the problems, but I wasn't too
> successful today. I started at 150 and left the gym at 294. I'm
> going to try "loading up" with carbs a little more tomorrow morning.

Could go either way. Some people get high when exercising 
because there is not enough free insulin in the blood stream. If your 
body behave's like my daughter's and many other athletes, you are 
going high because of the exercise and not enough insulin to support 
the effort by the muscles to get glucose -- they don't get enough 
glucose because there is not enough insulin to allow the cells to 
burn the glucose they need, so your systems signals for more and the 
good ole liver says OK :-) and up you go. Lily simply does some 
insulin first with a small snack of crackers or half a power bar. She 
has tried it insulin - only as well, but I don't recall if it worked 
for her or not although it does work when she SCUBA dives. YMMV

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