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Re: [IP] Surgery Wednesday....HELP!!!

In a message dated 7/15/02 7:50:46 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted writes:

<< I just found out this morning that I will be having surgery on my right 
 Wednesday.  My endo is out of town so I can't get any advice from him on 
 to do.  I got into it with the nurse at the docs office b/c I asked if they 
 would call my doc about diabetes stuff or if I was responsible for getting 
 that information.  She ,kinda rudely, informed me that the anesta. doc would 
 take care of all of my diabetes and blood sugars, no need to call me 
  I TOLD her I would be calling my endo and I or my dad would be taking care 
 of my blood sugars and insulin unless we hear from the endo.  I am scared to 
 death of surgery in general but with the diabetes I am even worse.  Can 
 of you that have been there done that give me any advice. >>
Cheri:  Don't worry--the anesthesiologist should know what to do and will 
monitor your sugars during the surgery.  My d. son had two surgeries in the 
last 6 months.  One was while sedated and the other was general anesthesia.  
The endo said to be 150 before surgery and keep the basals the same.  That 
worked for the first surgery, however the morning of the second surgery he 
woke up 61!  I gave him 6 oz. of apple juice and an hour later he was only 81 
so I gave him 3 glucose tablets.  Right before surgery (late morning) he was 
130 and that was with lowering his basal rate in half!  The anesthesiologist 
gave him just a little dextrose in his IV and he was 161 within 20 mins.  I 
told the anesthesiologist not to give him any more for fear he'd be real 
high.  Everything worked out fine.
  Good luck!  Marilyn
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