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[IP] Re: basal rates and carb/insulin ratio

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002 15:35:08 -0400, Brynn wrote
>I've been on a MM 508 for almost 3 yrs and am now working with a MM nurse
>educator to fine tune. She is having a problem with my being on about 10
>different basal rates ( I seem to need 1/2 unit increments - 4.5 etc, not 4 or
>5). She also has a problem with my needing different ratio of insulin to carbs
>at 3 meals - I need less with breakfast, which is more complex carbs, more at
>lunch which is a lot of fruit and more traditional 1:15 with dinner. I know I
>need to be flexible to work with her to try to avoid many of the lows I am
>experiencing, but I also need to feel that individual needs may not be that
>crazy. Any one else have similar ratios or multiple basals? Brynn

I have been using MiniMed pumps (506 & 508) for 7 years. I currently have 7
different basal rates, and I have different carb/insulin ratios for each
meal. It sounds like your educator is incapable or unwilling to deal with
the realities of your case, and you need to find someone else. I also
suggest that you get a copy of the 3rd edition of "Pumping Insulin" by John
Walsh and Ruth Roberts, which I'm pretty sure is available thru a link on
the main web page of this IP list. This book will tell you how to test and
set your basal rates and carb/insulin ratios.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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