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[IP] dieting

I recall reading in the diabetes forecast about dieting plans this spring. I
do believe they said that the Adkins diet and the 'fit for life" diet does do
some things to the kidneys or something. I am sure messing with the kidneys is
not a good thing for a person with diabetes. I think the ADA supported weight
watchers and TOPS (take off pounds sensitively) because they promote good
eating habits and moderation. I have noticed when I look at some diets,
moderation is the key.

Personally, I have cut back on carbohydrates and serving sizes and was able to
lose some weight. The serving sizes I believe shrunk my stomach so I get full
faster. Weight watchers teaches healthy habits of filling up on fruits and
veggies first before eating the potatoes and meat. That sounds logical to me.
Exercise is important too because it helps burn off excess calories, gets the
bloodflow going and releases endorphins. I know I need to do what makes me
feel better and that is what I have done to keep on track. Sharon B
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