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RE: [IP] lost basal rates

> I do have a similar problem but not with a teen, my twelve year old
> daughter.  She hasn't been checking her bg's before she eats and
> doesn't record her numbers either.  I told her that that is her
> responsibility now. 

Don't press her to record the numbers, but do get her to test. Rather 
than health, put it in perspective of the way she feels since most 
people feel crappy when either low or high. She should test....

before meals
2-3 hours post prandial
before bed
upon waking
anytime she doesn't feel right
before and during sports activity, particularly swimming

She should not eat if above 180. My daughter commonly uses an 
accelerated bolus if she's high and wants to eat (high bs bolus + 
food bolus).

If she's a JOCK, she will get her best performance if she can stay 
below 150-180 and above 75-80 and should target 100+ with glucose 
before starting.

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