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[IP] Surgery Wednesday....HELP!!!

>>> <snip> She ,kinda rudely, informed me that the anesta. doc would take
care of all of my diabetes and blood sugars, no need to call me endo!!!!  I
TOLD her I would be calling my endo and I or my dad would be taking care of
my blood sugars and insulin unless we hear from the endo.  <snip>  Cheri:)


I'm sorry you have to go through this, but glad you are on IP so you can get
lots of advice. It does help knowing others have experienced it.

When I had surgery last October, as well as a heart cath in May, I asked
first to see the anesthesiologist(s) to discuss with him/her about pumping
and *my* needs.

The Oct. one was difficult, but I won!! The nurse was the problem, but the
sleepologist was very happy to have talked with me. If you can't get through
to yours by way of the nurse, call the hospital and ask to talk to that
dept. and they will know the assignments. Have your dad with you for that
discussion so there won't be any *he said / she saids* later.

BTW, for the Oct. surgery, I tested before going in OR and was 169 - didn't
lower the basal like he wanted, and when it was overwith I tested at 136. He
then agreed I did the right thing. ;) Best wishes to you and let us know how
it goes. (~_^)

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