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Re: [IP] recordkeeping was lost basal rates

Hi Elizabeth,

I didn't snip any of your e-mail b/c we are going thought the same thing
with Eve. Her dr has wanted her to do all of her own record keeping on her
own for a year now and she has had trouble with doing it. When she is home I
will tell her to do it every day but still she may not do it. This summer
she has not been home for very long and I know that her record keeping has
gone by the way side. Well, she has an appt with her endo the end of this
month. I know that she will be showing the dr very little records. I know
that the dr will look more then 2 weeks in her book. Eve kept very good
records 2 weeks before her last endo appt. She didn't say much last time
about the missing records, but this time she will fine a lot more missing
records. It would be fine if her bg's would be in range, but they are not we
see many bg's in the 300- 400 range.

Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

> I do have a similar problem but not with a teen, my twelve year old
> daughter.  She hasn't been checking her bg's before she eats and doesn't
> record her numbers either.  I told her that that is her responsibility
> I even told her that when she goes to see her endo she will never hear the
> end of it.  But it doesn't seem to fade her at all.  She only checks when
> she feels dizzy and since I have been getting on her case she just writes
> down any numbers not to hear it.  When I'm home on the weekends with her I
> make sure she checks and she does it with anger.  When I'm at work and I
> her if she's checked she always responds yes.  I figured when we go see
> endo in August she will let her have it.
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