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[IP] Protein and kidney function

Like all things with diabetes, it doesn't hurt you in the short term - it is the long term of the complications.  It took my kidneys 15 years to stop working.  I would just be careful.  Protein for a workout helps with your muscles, to help build muscle and to protect the ones that you may or may not have.

If it were true that cell phone usage causes cancer, I would be dead from using mine.  I am on it almost 24/7 for work and personal business, but I use mine at least 4-5 hours a day and have no cancer (as of yet).


This is totally not proven. As much protein I intake (150g + per day), I
have not had any side effects of this. My Dr. recommended the extra protein
intake for my workouts, and we are always doing tests and everything is
great. Kinda like the theory that ration from cell phones causes cancer.
There is no proof, cause there is not facts to support it. Others on this
message base have explained how the Atikins diet (even though I'm not on it)
are doing awsome.  So, when making these posts, mark them as In Your Honest
Opinion instead of passing them off as facts.  Thanks.
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