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[IP] Nasty Daughter

Hey, what's all this bashing of the daughter. Let's put the shoe on the other
Your teen gets up at 5 AM to do something. Instead of doing it as quietly as
possible so as to not wake up the rest of the house hold she/he instead slams
stuff around with enough force to wake others up. You go to check and the kid
is doing something that noisy at 5AM that does not even need to be done. (ie:
yes, must feed dogs to get them to be quiet so everyone can sleep but why put
away canned food at that hour).
In most house holds the now awakened parent would be throwing out a few well
chosen words about consideration for others.
If my teen diabetic were doing this activity at 5AM my first thought would be
"Is she low, cause this whole scenario is weird?".
So, where is the inappropriateness in the teen asking for mom to check her BG.
On top of that how many teens would just stay in bed, pull the pillow over
their head and wait out the noise so they can sleep till noon.
This kid hears a weird noise at 5AM, knows mom is Diabetic, goes to check it
out, finds mom doing a not normal 5AM activity and asks if mom might be low.
This lady should be thanking her lucky stars that there is someone willing at
5AM to question her behavior just in case she is in dire medical trouble and
needs a hand.
The only thing I can find inappropriate is the tone of voice she used. But can
mom honestly say she would not have used the same tone if the situation were
reversed and the teen had awakened her needlessly at 5AM?
I will say in all honesty that I would be unpleasant in the extreme if I was
woke up at 5AM by clanking cans and would expect anyone I woke in a similar
manner to behave towards me in the same way. My husband would be even worse
since he works about three different shifts in one week and sleeps when and
how he can.
Hope this adds a counter perspective to all the negative posts against the
Pam, mom to Sara, a teen
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