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Re: [IP] Lifescan meters

>Hi everyone--just wondering what people's experiences with Lifescan meters 
>are. I have heard some bad things about them but am having to change to 
>Lifescan because it is the only meter whose test strips my new insurance 
>company (Pacificare...grrrr) will cover. (It burns me up that I have three 
>different brands of meters--one favorite, two backups--that are now sort 
>of useless because I can't afford the test strips without a prescription.) 
>Do the people who use Lifescan meters like them? My main meter is an 
>Accu-Chek Advantage and I love it, but I'm going to have to get used to 
>this one. Does Lifescan have meters from which you can download your 
>sugars into some software? Thanks! Kristin

I used to use AccuCheck meters.  I've used both the Advantage and the 
Complete.  I've switched over to the LifeScan Ultra and love the fact that 
it gives me results in just 5 seconds.  The drop of blood necessary is much 
smaller than that required by AccuCheck strips too.  I've also tested my 
Ultra against lab results and it was within a few points.  I'm very happy 
with my Ultra meters. YMMV.

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