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[IP] Keto Candy bars

> This is totally not proven. As much protein I intake (150g + per day), I
> have not had any side effects of this. My Dr. recommended the extra protein
> intake for my workouts, and we are always doing tests and everything is
> great. Kinda like the theory that ration from cell phones causes cancer.
> There is no proof, cause there is not facts to support it. Others on this
> message base have explained how the Atikins diet (even though I'm not on it)
> are doing awsome.  So, when making these posts, mark them as In Your Honest
> Opinion instead of passing them off as facts.  Thanks.
> > diabetic!  You are only going to put your kidneys into overdrive to
> process
> > all of the additional proteins you will be ingesting.

And while it's never been demonstrated that a high-protein diet causes
kidney disease, it HAS been ABSOLUTELY established that high blood
sugars cause kidney disease!  If a low-carb (and thus perhaps
higher-protein) diet helps a person normalize his or her blood sugars,
how can that not be a kidney-friendly diet?

For me, I do eat low carb, and it keeps my blood sugars in very tight
control -- much tighter than I was ever able to achieve on a higher-carb
diet.  I don't do "The Atkins Diet" or anyone else's "Diet" per se, I
just avoid any food that gives me a bg spike.  My meter lets me know
what foods I can eat and what foods I can't.  :-)

The original poster was concerned about fats.  It's true that if you cut
out most of your carbs, you'll probably be eating more fat as a
consequence.  But not all fats are bad!  I eat a lot of nuts, which are
high in monounsaturated fat.  Salmon is another source of "good fat"
which I like to eat whenever I can.  And as far as saturated fat goes,
the recent NY Times article pointed out that while saturated fat can
raise your bad cholesterol, it can also raise your good cholesterol.  So
even that's not all bad.  (as far as trans-fatty acids are concerned,
though, I don't think I've ever heard *anyone* say anything good about
them!  Probably best to steer clear of those whenever possible).

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the subject.  Remember that we're
all different, and IMO the best "diabetic diet" is whatever diet best
controls our blood sugars.  For some people, a higher-carb diet may do
just that.  But for others, a low-carb diet can provide better control
than they've been able to achieve any other way.

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