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[IP] Atkins Trashing

>	Do not and I repeat, do not go on the Atkins diet especially if you are
>diabetic!  You are only going to put your kidneys into overdrive to process
>all of the additional proteins you will be ingesting.
>	.....................
>	I hope this helps you.
>	Kathy Bruckmeyer
>email @ redacted
>diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00


I know that you were trying to be helpful in this post and I am sure that 
others who write the same stuff (see it all the time) are, too, but I have 
to say that it makes me awfully sad to see it.  I struggled with a low 
fat/high carb diet for years before I discovered Atkins (actually I followed 
Bernstein, but it's basically the same).  My A1Cs went from 12+, which I had 
sustained for years to a 6.6 three months after I started low carbing.  I've 
been low carbing now for about two years and all of my A1Cs since have been 
even lower than that - last one was 5.8.  So, it makes me feel really sad to 
see this because I know that I'd be steadily heading toward a young and 
nasty death if I hadn't found the diet.  I hate to think that other 
diabetics read this and think there's no alternative to the carby ADA diet.  
Thank God I had not read it before I went on low carb.

Also, there is no PROOF that protein can cause kidney damage, but there is 
proof that high blood sugar can.  And the docs and the medical establishment 
are actually starting to come around.  I don't know if you can still see it 
on the NY Times website, but last weekend there was a big article in the 
magazine section that talked about the controversy and about the doctors at 
the Harvard School of Medicine who are putting their weight behind low 
carbing and even using the diet for kids.

If eating low fat works for you, I think that's great.  It really is a YMMV 
sort of thing.  It doesn't work for all of us.  I'm living proof.


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